New Phone App Offers Coffee Cup Reading, Greek Style

New Phone App Offers Coffee Cup Reading, Greek Style

A new smart phone application is offering Greeks the opportunity to have their coffee cup read online, adding another entry to the Greek entrepreneurship book.

So, if you want your fortune read from the comfort of your home, or while basking leisurely in the sun, the application gives you the chance to do so. All you have to do is follow a few easy steps: Drink your Greek coffee — a trendy iced decaf latte won’t do — turn the cup upside down for 5 to 10 minutes and take three clear pictures of all sides of the cup. Then upload them to an application via your smart phone, tablet, computer or via Facebook and within minutes an experienced coffee cup fortune-teller will read the cup for you. This online coffee fortune reading service is offered in the English, Greek, Turkish and Arabic languages.

Three nice ladies, Efi, Maria and Daphne will study the cup and will tell you what they see on all issues that concern you. All this for only 2.33 euros, payable through paypal or bank deposit. You can even buy a cup or a VIP monthly package and get your predictions without delay.

If you are not satisfied with the reading, you can request a second one by another fortune-teller that you can choose from the data uploaded to the profile.

The smart idea belongs to the people of the Ocean coffee chain operating in Thessaloniki. Ocean general director Kostas Koukoulis told that in the Ocean coffee shops the Greek coffee only costs 2 euros and the cup reading is free. As a result, on a daily basis, lines of people wait to have their fortune read.

“Our application ‘Coffee Cup fortune Telling Greek Style’ appeared on play store after six months of work and testing,” Koukoulis told

An entire group of coffee cup fortune tellers already cooperate in the coffee shops. Now they do the same online.

“I believe in the Greek culture and tradition and that we must always be connected to our tradition …In Greece, the reading of the cup is misunderstood, while in Turkey it is the second reason to visit Turkey, according to the official page of the Ministry of Tourism. And the Turkish coffee is an intangible cultural heritage of Turkey according to UNESCO,” Koukoulis said.

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